Please dear XIOH followers, as we approach the production of our final PCB, we have tried the PCB in an orange laser cut acrylic case.

Below you can discover the front view of the casing with our famous analog vintage Socotel S63 phone

XIOHv5 orange case front

You can discover also the back view with all the interfaces of our appliance (2 usb, 3 GbE, 4 ISDN T0, FXS, FXO) :


For those who are willing to discover our latest prototype during live-demos, we will be at :

  • Astricon2012 (Atlanta - 23-25/10/2012) : presenting XiVO Software and hosting a booth
  • Hackfest 2012 ( : we will be using our XiVO IPBX OpenHardware during some hacking contest related to VoIP

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